Thursday, December 03, 2009

Sorry I haven't posted lately, With Thanksgiving and finals coming up next week, I have just been to busy. I'm taking a much needed break from studying to give my brain a rest.

Thanksgiving actually went well. The Turkey was all that we feasted upon this year, no one ended up pecked to death this year. I am surprised, happily surprised. The food all turned out great, this year my husband did most of the cooking. He is actually a really good cook, better than me ...... Yes I said that out loud....and yes, it is true...there I said it. I wasn't surprised that the food turned out good, I was surprised we did have any uncontrollable surprises, like the oven stopped working mid way through..that has happened. We had plenty of food and were all rolling around the house by the end of the day.

Tomorrow I have to take hubby to have 3 wisdom teeth removed. This is being done a 6:45am. They are going to put him to sleep for this procedure. He picked to be put to sleep. He has had 1 wisdom tooth pulled already and that was a disaster. It was hacked out ( yes, hacked) by a different dentist. It took this dentist FIVE hours to remove this tooth. My husband felt most of it since it was not numbed properly, hence him choosing to be a sleep this time. The dentist actually climbed up in the chair with my husband trying to get better leverage to pull said wisdom tooth. He ended up with 9 stitches and a huge fear of dentist. The new dentist promises it will only take him 15 minutes to pull said teeth, my husband still wants to be put under. Let me just put in right here, my husband has never had surgery where he was knocked out. He is terrified of this as well. He has been driving me crazy all week saying he hopes he doesn't die. You know, I know there are risks and I truly do understand he fear, really...but he has been literally driving me crazy with the fear of his choice. I have told he call the dentist and tell them you just want to be numbed....he immediately says no way, he wants to be out of it. I so want to find the hack dentist and smack him on the back of the head, just a quick smack....crack.... and say, see what you have done and burn his Internet degree.

He (hubby) has already told me that he needs to be entertained while laid up. I'm like yeah well, I'll make sure the remote is handy. Ok, I know that sounds cold....I do plan to make sure that he is comfortable and he gets his meds and when he is allowed to eat, bring him food and such, but entertain? I have exams I have to study for, two papers to write that are part of exams and my only days off are today and tomorrow. Am I horrible? I feel bad, but I have to study. I'll be glad when this semester is over. I am ready for a break.

My daughter starts college next fall, I can't wait. She will be attending the same college as me. I am so stoked. No, I doubt we will have any classes together as she clearly states she is not interested in going into the medical field. She is not sure what she wants to go for so she is just going to go for her basic classes for now until she decides, but still, we will be there together...I'm so excited...though, I'm sure she isn't as excited about that as I am.

Well, my break must end here. I must return to my studies....


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