Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Did I mention that I am taking general psychology this semester? Well I am. I find this class very interesting. I wish I could really devote some time to this class. Time is a big issue with me this semester. One of the saving graces I have had with this class though is that most of the illnesses or subjects we discuss I can put a name with to help me remember for test time. For instance, Oh..that one is my dad and this one is my psycho ex-husband or that is my in-laws, etc. I have often wondered if the rest of the class does the same or am I the lucky one that has had all types of disturbed people walk through my life? Then I wonder, what effect does this have on me? I mean, planning someone downfall in the middle of the night and going to sleep with a smile on my face is normal, right......right?

My instructor warned us not to diagnose people in our lives. She warned us that a lot of the symptoms could be found in people we know, but that by no means meant that they were this or that. Still I had no problem putting faces with different types of disorders to family members, ex- family members, ex-employers, etc. Hey..it has helped me through the course. I am sure that most of the faces I have put with these disorders are not fair, but it has been fun to remember them this way.

My husband was worried I would do this to him, he didn't want me to "diagnosed" him. We have already went through a class that was like a self-help class and he hated it. I had to write a journal and assess and reassess decisions in my life, who I am and who I want to be. It made me an emotional mess for a short time. He hated that class, but it was during my first semester and the timing had a lot to do with it.

Turkey day is just two days away for us, we are celebrating on Friday as that is the day most can have off or work with other family gatherings. In ways I am really looking forward to it and in others I am dreading the hell out of it. Drinking is not an option for me this year since I have to open the store the next morning and have to be there by 4:00am, total bummer. It would be nice to know that if things get too hairy, I could tie one on to get through the day, fat chance. I can't even remember the last time I actually tied one on.....I'm to flipping responsible and plus the fact that I hate hanging my head in the toilet for hours on end recthing my guts out with my head feeling like a marching band is marching in circles inside it. I always swear that at the end of each semester I am going to get smashed.....I never do. What is wrong with me? Like I said, most times it is the thought of the morning after that curbs any desire to get smashed. It just doesn't balance out for me. The fun I had the night before is just not worth the pain the next day, no matter how much fun I have. Just can't see it. Oh well, I'll just have to stick with, " at the end of the semester I am going to get tipsy". See, it just doesn't sound all that great or fun, or stress relieving that way. Oh My God...I'm getting old.....That's what is wrong with me....I'm getting old and boring.

On that note, I'm leaving to go take my geritol and go lay down....for poops sake....geritol...do they even sell that anymore? I'm so flipping old......



jockfullorobert said...

so, you're celebrating today, eh? that means I am not late in the holiday wishes.

have a wonderful day, vital...but get some rest, dammit!


~Vital~ said...


I survived the holiday with very little damage and dang it I didn't drink not once.Oh well, I still have Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, and New Years Day to tie one on...

About the rest...No time to rest, can't remember the last time I just laid around, slept in, went to bed early....OOps I did have the Flu two weeks ago...Does that count?