Friday, December 11, 2009

Has anyone noticed that they have released and licensed all the assholes in the world?

Every Thursday evening I have to take both of my sons to their perspective destinations. My youngest goes to tutoring (in-laws pay for it) on one side of town and my oldest son to a night class so he can graduate on time on the other side of town. Last Thursday I am driving the youngest to his perspective destination listening to Christmas music on the radio. We are both singing alone with the music when a man in a truck comes flying up along side of me. Clearly he is speeding and the van in front of him is doing the speed limit. He decides he wants to go around this van and swerves over into my lane, missing my bumper by and inch along with the van in front of him. I honk my horn...nothing..he flies down the road. My heart is pumping, I look over at my son and thank God we weren't in an accident, then...I get mad..really mad. Just because this man wanted to get home fast, sneak over to the girlfriends house for a quickie before going home to the unsuspecting wife, who knows who cares, he almost messed up two families lives with his dangerous driving. I see my opportunity to tell him so at the next light. He's in the left turning lane at the light..perfect..As we pull up I roll down my window and tell him, "that was pretty dangerous what you did back there, you almost hit me and the van in front of you, I'm glad my family doesn't have to burying my son and me for Christmas" The light changes, the man gives me the finger and says, "F_ _ K YOU, BITCH" and turns. I holler as loud as I can, "Merry Christmas, Asshole" Shocked at what I did, I look over at my twelve year old son to tell him I'm sorry and that I shouldn't have called that man an asshole and my son points out his rolled down window and there sitting beside us is a cop. I think, great now I'm gonna get a ticket for road rage. The cop smiles, salutes me and says, "Merry Christmas Mam" After the light changes and we drive away, I tell my son I should have never have called that man that name and my son says, " well the cop thought it was pretty funny." I thought to myself, what great role models we just displayed for my son.....lovely. I try to explain to my son that that man could have gotten a ticket for reckless driving and that we both could have gotten a road rage ticketand that was the least of things. I could have gotten us both shot by hollering at that man and blah, blah, was all lost on him. Here's another page to add to my perfect parenting book of what not to do.


jockfullorobert said...

and what a beautiful header photo. makes me want to cry.

jockfullorobert said...

yikes. my first comment disappeared. i used tthe word asshole too many times, eh?

anyway, i'm glad you are safe and, more importantly, didn't get a ticket.

i keed.