Monday, October 12, 2009

October 9, 2009
Getting Back into the swing of Things.
I have come to the realization that I have become bland, or at least my writing has. I use to be so creative and have at least something interesting to say, but I have notta.
For the past Year and a half, I have done nothing but work and go to school. You know the old saying, “All work and no play makes Johnny a bland boy” Well except for the boy part, that’s totally me.
I thought college made you a more rounded person? My husband says I have changed a lot, become more responsible. He said it like I had the plague. I always thought being responsible was a “good” thing. College has made me grow-up, yes at 42 years of age I did need to grow-up. I was very naive about the world and how it worked. I was always afraid to venture to far out in it.
By the way I am aware that I write in fragmented sentences, My Comm. I teacher let me know that right away. Mrs. Hitler, she was that. Mind you she was a good teacher in the sense that she was passionate about English, writing papers and such, but rigid is not a strict enough word for her. Most professors will work with you on certain things and help you find a solution for you situation or at least point you in the right direction. This woman would not budge an inch. Several people broke down in her class bawling including me at one point.
I think she took it as a sign she was doing her job right if she had a student was in tears at least once a week. We started out with 25 – 30 students in the class. By exam time, we had 10 left. Yes, I stuck it out. She made the mistake of making me cry and when that happens, I did in and plan my victory. I came out with a B in that class. When the next semester started I left a note on her office door saying that I made the Dean’s list, what it did not say was, “in spite of you”.
I did write a paper in her class that she encouraged me to submit to a website called “This I Believe” I think it was. That was the subject we had to write on and was the main theme for the website. I have not submitted the paper. The paper was half the story I wanted to write, she edited out a lot and limited the amount of words. The story came out as a half truth. Maybe I will post it here and you will see what I am talking about. It was written on a personal matter. It was suppose to be.
You know, I have to say Jock helped me through that class because I kept thinking about what kind of blogs he would write about this woman. How very funny and descriptive they would be. It would have been fun to have taken the class with him.
Switching modes…We have moved. Yes, we lost the house. I blame it on my husband’s extra marital project he acquired and I put a stop to quick like, 2 years ago. We have lived in the new house for a year now. I love it and if the bank called me up to give us the old house back for free, I’d tell them to shove it. We have an in ground pool, a great back yard. Who ever lived here before must have known and loved plants a lot. We have a tropical paradise. With each season new plants come up and bloom. We just walk around the yard to see what new plants we can find. There is always some sort of flower blooming in the back. It’s really cool.
Oh, more about the house…. There are three bedrooms and two baths. I have an office to do my homework in that looks out over the pool and back yard, major cool. We have a dinning room that has a skylight and a sunken living room. The kitchen is a bit smaller than the other house, but it is more functional so it balances out. There’s also a two car garage, which my husband loves and a laundry room, which I love. It’s a much nicer house than what we had before and the rent is way less than what our mortgage was. I am happy here. I would love to buy this house, but we just don’t have the funds or the credit now to do it. Who knows, maybe one day.
We have already decorated the house for Halloween. This yard is way super cool to decorate. We have tombstones one with a skeleton coming up out of one. We have a large bat hanging from a tree and a ghost that flies through the air up to the house when noise activated. We have scary pumpkins sitting through out the yard and the “graveyard” and we even have a very large spider web we spread across the front of the house and put spiders all in. My husband even put small rats in it.
We love Halloween. It’s our favorite holiday other than Christmas and the 4th of July. Christmas being top of course. One of the reasons I love it so much is that my birthday is the day after Halloween. As a child I always thought that Halloween was part of my birthday. I thought everyone was celebrating my birthday…I was a very spoiled child.
We’ve bought a lot of scary movies to watch, of course we never get to actually sit down and watch them cause of our busy schedules. If I am not at school, I am at work or taking kids to tutoring or a night class. My oldest son is short 1 credit so he must take a night class to graduate on time. This totally sucks for me, since I am doing the driving. My husband works Monday-Friday. I am at school Monday-Thursday. I work every weekend (Friday-Sunday) and one night during the week. Then there’s homework to do. Which, obviously I am not doing right now. Hey, a girl needs some down time. I have been so stressed out that I have had shingles twice this year. They always breakout in the exact same place…right on my lower lumbar region, superior to my sacral (have to use my new anatomy terminology) in other words on my spine right above my ass.
If you do not know what shingles are, they are very painful. They are a mutated form of chicken pox virus. In fact, it is caused by having had chicken pox before. The virus lies dormant in your spinal column and when you are under stress it breaks out in the form of very painful, but itchy deep blisters that follow neurons. Now isn’t that a bitch.
My alarm just went off…it’s time to get ready for work. Just as well since this blog is fives pages long and just a blabber of nothing. I’ll have to tell you next time about the woman in our neighborhood who has schizophrenia and is off medication.
Take Care…

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jockfullorobert said...

wow, you made me blush, vital. i can only imagine how much fun it would be sharing a class. i do miss school, and am enjoying living vicariously through you.

it was great to hear about the new home. i remember how hard you worked to keep the last one, but it seems that letting go led to greater things.

about the shingles: i am enjoying a nasty return at the moment. i was surprised the first time I got them. I thought you had to be really, really old. although, a friend had shingles when he was in his twenties. he hallucinated so bad he thought he was talking to little lulu. i do not envy you. if you find anything that helps, let me know. god, i hate those bastard blisters.

anyhow. love that you are writing again. and I'll take whatever I can get for however long.