Tuesday, October 06, 2009

It seems all I have time for is updates. My life is completely different than it was just two years ago. I am still in college trying to get all my required classes taken care so that I may apply to nursing school. I take 4 classes each semester. This semester I have Anatomy II, Psychology, Nutrition and Algebra.
My favorite class is anatomy by far. I will be sad when it is over because Dr. Harvey has been the greatest teacher. He knows what he is talking about and he makes us learn what we need to know and not just memorize it all.
I am currently on the Dean's list, but that can change with each semester. I guess the main reason why that is important to me is because getting into nursing school is so hard. Acceptance into the program is based on points. Most of your points come from classes taken and you guessed it, your GPA. You have to stand out in the crowd to get in and my way of helping to stand out is getting the highest GPA I can. It's alot of hard work.
I am also working. I am a Glorified assistant manager of a convieant store. They work with my schedule so that great. It's better than throwing papers at night.
My husband is currently employed doing construction. No, it is not for our own company...those days are gone....but for someone else.
My children are all doing great. My daughter just got her GED and is going to start college where I attend next fall. She is also getting her Driver's license...I am a bit scared of that. She turns 21 on the 8th of this month..so say a prayer for her and me, I would really deeply appreciate it.
My oldest son graduates high school this year and is planning on joining the air force. Why do the choices your children make have to scare you so much??? I keep asking that, but have found no answer.
My youngest will graduate from elementary school this year. Middle school lies ahead of him. He is doing good as well. He is a miniature of my husband, right down to his toes.
Life in general is very good, but really busy. Sometimes I wonder if I am ever going to have time for myself. I no sooner get caught up, then I go to class and end up with 3 projects do in two weeks. No wonder so many kids drink while in college. There is alot of stress in getting everything done and not just done and turned in, but done to where you know your going to get a good grade.
Last week, I did something that I never ever do, I waited till the night before a psychology research paper was to to even start it. I just plain did not have time to do it. Well, I came home from work at mid-night and wrote that dang paper from scratch. I turn it in the next day and got a flipping 96 on that paper. I was really shocked.
Guess what I just ran out of? Time. I have to go folks. Got work in an hour.
Take care....

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jockfullorobert said...

and even though you're constantly running out of time, you know you wouldn't change a moment of these last two years. it'll all be worth it.

sounds like you are like me. i do my best work when under pressure.